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Snow leopard sweater

  • Snow Leopard Sweater: A Fusion of Nature and Comfort

    Experience the elegance of winter with our Snow Leopard Sweater. Meticulously crafted, this piece captures the natural beauty of a snow-covered landscape, blending gentle beige tones with snowy nuances. The ageless leopard print introduces a touch of wild sophistication, marking it as a cornerstone in any wardrobe.

    Beyond its visual allure, this sweater features a relaxed fit, ensuring warmth and comfort in cooler temperatures. Its turtleneck design imparts a modern flair, effortlessly harmonizing with both casual and dressy outfits. Welcome the season's chill while staying stylish and snug in our Snow Leopard Sweater.

    Detail Leopard Sweater : 

    • Composition: Polyester | Acrylic
    • Style: Casual
    • Collar Type: Turtleneck
    • Sleeve Type: Long sleeves
    • Sweater Length: Regular
    • Season: Spring | Fall | Winter